The Dark Zone – The Official Haunt of Brandon

October 7th 2022 – BRANDON MS – The Dark Zone is opening soon for the 2022 Halloween season. Their grand opening weekend is Oct 7th – 8th, from 7pm – 10pm (gates open at 6:30pm). The Dark Zone is a project by The Exchange Club of Crossgates, with funds from Dark Zone going to help support child abuse prevention centers in Vicksburg and Oxford. The Exchange Club also donates funds each year to various youth groups in Brandon, including Boy Scout Troops and area church youth groups.

The Dark Zone has been at its current location since 2005. Before locating to the Exchange Club Soccer Fields, also known as Frank Bridges Park, The Dark Zone was located at the end of Trickhambridge Road. Then, the haunted house was located at Hilltop Painted Acres which existed for over 30 years. The Dark Zone is located behind Rogers Dabbs Used Cars. Parking is located at 217 Woodgate Drive South, Brandon, 39042, between Silver Spoons Daycare and Noel Daniels Motor Company.

The premier Halloween haunt in our area, The Dark Zone has approximately 4,000 square feet and about 18 different rooms/attractions inside. The Dark Zone is recommended for those 6 years of age and up. The Dark Zone is NOT wheelchair accessible. There are many strobe lights inside the house, so those that are sensitive to strobes need to be aware. Those with heart conditions and pregnant women should not entertain visiting The Dark Zone. Many scare tactics are utilized in The Dark Zone, but they have NO witches or devils. The Dark Zone also maintains the rule of “no touching of characters, and the characters will not touch you”. Whether you are afraid of clowns, snakes, total darkness, getting lost, or even claustrophobic, it’s guaranteed to be worth your time and money. Admission is just $15.

Anyone that walks into the haunt never walks back out! They run! The doors of 13 Deadly Street will open each Friday and Saturday in October, giving you a sudden shock. You will be scared, frightened, horrified and will have no idea what to do but volunteers will assist in moving you through, stopping just long enough to shriek as the panorama of The Dark Zone unfolds. As you deal with the fear in your head, the walls will squeeze you, the hallways will terrify you. The ghosts, zombies, the swamp, the undead victims of horrific events in the past all will haunt you in your nightmares. Will it be curiosity that draws you to your destiny? Will you face your fears and test your intestinal fortitude? Or, will you wimp out and avoid the Zone of Fear and Darkness? Yes, The Dark Zone is scary and filled with great Halloween Fun because of course none of the scares are real. Or are they??? Come out and see our guests like the Zompire, Chucky, Pennywise, Leatherface, the Reaper, and Michael (he’s really a nice guy). This is simply the biggest and best haunted house in central Mississippi, and it’s all for a great cause!

The nights of October 21 and 22, Twisted Carnival will join the fun, with their cast of characters! On October 21st, Brad Cooney, one of the stars of The House in Between I and II, will also join the Zone for a night of fun!

Gates open each Friday and Saturday of October, starting at 6:30pm CT. The Dark Zone opens for our first victims at 7:00pm each night. Those in line at 10:00pm will be able to enter. Advance tickets and more information is available at The phone number for more information is 601.212.6364. The Dark Zone is made possible through the work of our members of the Exchange Club of Crossgates and our many volunteers!

Come visit The Dark Zone, if you dare!

The Dark Zone, brought to you by The Exchange Club of Crossgates
217 Woodgate Dr S, Brandon MS 39042
Admission: $15.00 per person
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The Dark Zone Grand Opening Poster