Squatted Trucks – Is the End Near?

BRANDON MS – May 14, 2024 – By State Rep Fred Shanks

This past summer, I was approached by many members of the law enforcement community as well as several judges about safety concerns with “Squatted Trucks”. These trucks are typically raised several inches over stock in the front end. This causes several issues for the driver of the Squatted Truck. As their field of view forward is primarily the hood of the truck, with diminished view of what may be in front of them. Other issues are braking/steering since the factory geometry has been altered in the suspension (not to mention warranty issues).

A major complaint with the public, who share the road with these trucks, is on-coming traffic is oftenblinded or distracted by the headlights of the Squatted Truck, as the headlights typically are pointing more upward, at a non-traditional angle. I had the chance to drive one myself this summer in a parking lot, as a friend was working on a Squatted Truck , I noticed immediately that one cannot see several car lengths in front on you!

I introduced House Bill 349 this legislative session due to these complaints, as well as hearing about an unfortunate accident involving one of these trucks in Smith County that claimed a child’s life.

The bill, now signed into law by the Governor Tate Reeves, states:

•The front fender can not be 4 inches higher than the rear fender (measurement starts at the hub of the wheel to fender).
•There is an exemption for trucks with articulating suspension I.e. rockcrawler type suspension set ups.
•Fine is $100 for the 1st offense.
•Fine is $200 for the 2nd offense.
•Fine is $300 for the 3rd offense, along with the suspension of drivers license for 1 year.

Squatted Truck owners now have 180 days to get their trucks fixed, but could possibly get warning tickets in the meantime.

Fred Shanks – CLICK HERE for bio on Brandon042
Mississippi State House of Representatives District 60
Republican – Rankin County
X (Twitter): @FredShanks