Rankin County has new “Shop Local” initiative

April 25th 2020 – Brandon MS:
A new “Shop Local” initiative has begun in Rankin County MS, called Support Local Small™. In nearly every community, the local small businesses make up the fabric of the area. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have shined a light on the need for consumers to support local small businesses.

Click here for the Support Local Small™ website:   SupportLocalSmall.com

Many small businesses need help and support right now. Many such businesses are temporarily closed, while some are open but with limited operating hours. No one wants to imagine any community without small businesses. Everyone knows that it’s usually small businesses who sponsor a child’s youth sports teams, or provides a donation for a school’s, or a church’s, or other organization’s fundraiser. When you buy something from a local small business, you’re likely not supporting a corporate jet, or helping its CEO capitalize on more stock options, and the CEO is probably not quarantined on his yacht or safe house in luxury. No, local small business owners are very likely right here in our community, trying to support their families and our communities, while trying to keep their small business alive.

We’re living in a time that no one has seen in over 100 years. It’s definitely uncharted territory. “As a former small business owner growing up with parents who own one also, I understand how difficult and scary these times may seem. As a Chamber, we understand this is not an easy road, but we vow to walk together. We are here to support you and understand that YOUR small business is part of the heartbeat of this county. We will come out of this together, strong, and better”, says Mandi Arinder, President & CEO of Rankin County Chamber of Commerce.

Please consider the following things as you make your way through these times:

  • Stay at home, as much as possible, until things clear.
  • Whenever possible, shop and support our area’s local small businesses.
  • Practice proper social distancing and all government mandated and recommended statements.
  • Stay safe and healthy.

There’s plenty of negative press and sad projections all over the news. So the Support Local Small™ program is a great way to show some love for our local small businesses. The program involves a nice, heavy-weight t-shirt that shows your support for small businesses. With each shirt purchase, the local small business you designate will receive $10. And you’ll receive a great looking t-shirt that you can wear like a badge of honor saying “I support our community, its employers, and our local small businesses!” In case you want to show even more love for your favorite local business, there’s also the option at checkout to add to a business’s “virtual tip jar”. 100% of the revenue received via the virtual tip jar will be passed along to the local small business that you designate.

Is there a local small business that you’d like to see on the Support Local Small™ website, so they can receive support? Be sure to tell your favorite small business about the site, and have them register. Signing up is quick and easy, via the Business Signup button near the bottom of the site’s homepage.

Stay Safe & Healthy, and thanks for supporting local!

#Support Local Small

Click here for the Support Local Small™ website:   SupportLocalSmall.com

Support Local Small™ is a brand of HēLē Marketing, a local company in Brandon MS. For more information, feel free to contact: Support@HeLeMarketing.com

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