No Garbage Pickup on Thanksgiving

Per the City of Brandon, Waste Management will not pickup garbage on Thanksgiving, which is Thursday Nov 28th 2019. We’re told the only 2 days each year that they do NOT pickup are Thanksgiving and Christmas days. If your garbage is normally picked up on Thursday, then your next pickup is the next regularly scheduled pickup day (likely Monday). There is no “replacement” day for lack of a Thanksgiving pickup.

Speaking of garbage pickup, please also be aware of the limb and yard debris requirements below, which was adopted by the City in 2017.

Pickup for Leaf and Yard Debris will occur on the second pickup day of the week by Waste Management.


  • Limbs shall be no larger than 5 feet long & 8 inches in diameter.
  • Individual limb piles shall be stacked to a maximum of 3 feet in height.
  • Individual limb piles shall be no larger than 60 pounds
  • Limbs shall be bundled neatly and placed next to garbage at curbside (do not place in street or on/in front of storm drains).
  • There shall be no construction material within limb piles for pickup.
  • Limbs & debris will be picked up on the second pickup day of the week.
  • Limbs placed at curb not in compliance with these standards shall not be picked up. Code enforcement will contact residences with compliance issues to resolve.
  • Trees and limbs cut by a contractor are the responsibility of the contractor to remove per city ordinance – Section 66-45.
  • Small diameter branches and trimming can be placed in a trash container.



  • All yard debris including leaves, grass, and garden debris shall be bagged. Brandon has discontinued use of the vacuum roadside leaf service.
  • Bags and/or bundles shall be placed at the curb, a few feet from your trash cart, by 7:00 AM on the morning of your second scheduled collection day.
  • Leaves or debris shall not be placed in the street or near a storm drain per city ordinance. Code enforcement can issue citations for debris placed directly in the street or gutter. Leaves and debris placed in the street or gutter ultimately get carried by stormwater into our lakes where the nutrients contribute to algae growth.
  • Debris determined to be left by professional landscapers will not be collected.


Construction Debris: Waste Management will not collect solid waste resulting solely from construction, remodeling, repair, or demolition operations on homes, buildings or other structures. This includes roofing materials, landscape materials, tree removal, bricks, concrete, fencing material, etc. The homeowner will be responsible for disposal of such debris.