Kids Parade

2nd Annual Brandon St Paddy’s Kids’ Parade

We’re excited to bring you the Inaugural Brandon St Paddy’s Kid’s Parade! The parade is scheduled for Saturday March 16th 2024. There will be a DJ with music, face painting, jump houses, a coffee trailer, lots of lucky St Patrick’s Day decorations, and tons of fun! Festivities will begin at 8:30am CT, and then we’ll line-up for the parade at 10am CT. Shortly after that, we’ll embark on a trek around downtown at a kid-friendly pace.

Check our maps for location, route, and staging areas. The staging area is in the back parking lot of Brandon First United Methodist Church (205 Mary Ann Drive).

NOTE: Scroll down for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Be sure to Pre-Register for the Event

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there rules?

The first, second and third rules are BE SAFE.  If your child needs a helmet, provide him or her one.  If your child needs a chaperone, parade with him or her.  We strongly discourage weaving, prohibit stunt riding and limit having more than one child on a unit unless it is designed to do so,  safely.  Stopping your bike is discouraged, unless it can be done safely by getting out of the flow of traffic beforehand.  Violators will be removed from the parade with little mercy. NOTE: We’ll be nice about it though.

Why pre-register?

So many reasons.

One, if you do not pre-register well before the parade, we cannot guarantee your child a slot.  You do not want to see the look on your kid’s face if that happens.

Two, your child may well be deprived of our goodie bag with all kinds of cool stuff in it.  Don’t make us give you the Loser Bag.

Three, we can easily communicate with you about changes, send you route updates, weather alerts, event add-ons, etc. 

Four, it helps us plan and helps our sponsors know how much swag or personnel or money to contribute to the event. 

The Registration Form is at

When do we start/end?

The “event” starts at 8:30 a.m. at the Brandon First United Methodist Church on Mary Ann Street.  You will need to check-in and get your child an appropriately colored bracelet (for awards).  You may also enjoy the tents, the music, and the jumphouses on premises. But the parade will begin just after 10:00am and likely end about 10:30am – 10:45am.

Where do we start?

The starting line is in the parking lot of the Brandon First United Methodist Church on Mary Ann Street in downtown Brandon.  See below for parking info.

Will there be activities after the parade?

We will have an awards ceremony and participants can continue to take pictures at the selfie station.  Then go to our downtown shops and restaurants!  Spend lots of money!  The church does not mind if you stay parked in their lot, as long as you are gone before Sunday services (or, better yet, jump in one of their Sunday school classes).

What age groups is the parade for?

The target audience is obviously for kids. But you’re welcome to interpret that as you wish (to a degree). We expect most participants to be 12 years or age and younger. However, if you have a 16 year old with special needs or they just want to participate, that’s welcomed as well. We also expect many parents to walk along with their child, and it’s even REQUIRED of anyone 6 years of age and under.

Will this parade cross Highway 80?

No, it does NOT. Did we mention this parade will not touch Highway 80?  You will, however, be able to wave at traffic on Highway 80, on the other side of the raised curbs and police barriers.

What kinds of bikes are allowed and what about strollers?

First of all, strollers are fine. Roads and sidewalks, of course, have unavoidable cracks and you must be careful where you walk. And, uh, you will be surrounded by small children on bikes. So heads up. There may even be dogs in the parade (leashes are REQUIRED).

Second, virtually every type of transport we can think of is allowed. Bikes without training wheels, bikes with training wheels, tricycles, wagons pulled by adults, strollers pushed by adults, skateboards, roller blades/skates, foot powered scooters, “Big Wheels”, and wheel chairs. This year we ARE allowing motorized transports, under ONE STRICT CONDITION: The vehicle must not be capable of a top speed of over 7 mph. That eliminates golf carts, 4-wheelers, side by sides, etc.

How do we get there? Where do we park/drop-off?

We will have some roads blocked off (see route map), so getting to the 82 parking spots at FUMC will require specific navigation.  Dining Street behind Mudbugs and The Gallows will be closed, as will Black and S. Timber Streets.  So, you’ll need to enter Mary Ann Street from Louis Wilson and head roughly west, toward downtown.  The easternmost parking lot will be available for parking and/or drop off.  Mary Ann Street will be closed just after that entrance.

Of course, our City has provided us excellent downtown parking lately and the lots behind Bank Plus, the lot to the left of Burgers Blues Barbecue, and all surrounding areas.

What do we bring?

Your child and their bike/wagon.  We encourage you to dress up and decorate your child and their bike, with appropriate St Patrick’s Day gear. We’ll also have some limited additional “decorations” at the numerous tents in the FUMC parking lot.  Depending on weather, other typical supplies such as sunscreen, water bottles and maybe a Band-Aid would be wise.

What do we wear?

This is a kid and family-friendly event.  Otherwise, get crazy with it.  Wear safe clothing and find your inner Leprechaun. Please be cognizant of items that could tangle in your or someone else’s bike and cause injury.  Paint yourself.  Style and paint your hair! We also have a selfie station planned,  so you can memorialize your silliness (or suave, if you really think you pulled it off).

What about bad weather?

How nice of you to ask.  Ugh. If you are properly pre-registered, you will receive updates by text and e-mail. This is a rain or shine event. However, let’s be real… if it’s raining hard or storming, we may have to call it off, or hopefully reschedule.

Who do I contact with questions or issues?

Prior to the event, you can contact or text 601.228-9950 (begin text with “Parade.”)

On the day of the event, parade volunteers will be wearing yellow vests and sitting behind the registration desk in the church parking lot. Several of these volunteers will have two- way radios.

What is this parade about?

 This is an event of the Brandon Chamber, who has organized this ride, with the assistance of great City officials like our Chief of Police, to give the community yet another chance to fellowship in a fun and safe environment. It is also our hope that you will patronize our local downtown business (or head to some other local 042 business) and get familiar with them.

Who are the sponsors?

The sponsors are the wonderful businesses who logos you see in the materials and on our website/FB page.  THEY ARE THE REASON THIS EVENT IS FREE.  Should you see one of their owners or employees in coming days, please express your gratitude for their financial contribution.

Primary Sponsor