I Love Brandon Specialty Tag – Pre-Order Now!

August 25, 2023, BRANDON MS – The Brandon Chamber announces today a new specialty tag just for those who live in the Brandon area, or are from the area, or love the area, or just want to support the area. It’s the “I Love Brandon” specialty tag. The tag is sponsored by the Brandon Chamber. Additional cost for the tag is $33.00 per year, with $24.00 of that going to Brandon Chamber, which will go to support their efforts particularly Lemonade Day (next one is Saturday May 4th 2024) each year.

Per state law, 300 tags must be pre-sold, before the tag goes into production. Once that is completed, the tag is approved in the next legislative session, which should be finalized around March 2024. Shortly after that, production should begin, with tags being available June or July 2024. Keep in mind, this is a Mississippi Specialty Tag, not a vanity plate. As such, it cannot be customized. The tags are produced in numerical sequence, much like other specialty tags throughout the state.

Be sure to reserve your I Love Brandon Tag, so production may begin. Orders may be placed via a paper application (and then mail your $33.00 check in), or via the Brandon Chamber’s online form. If your place your order online, there’s a small $1.30 convenience fee, to make the total $34.30 (but you don’t have to fill anything out by hand, pay for a stamp, or mail anything).

Click the picture of the application below, to download the paper application:

I Love Brandon Specialty Tag paper application

CLICK HERE, if you’d like to place your tag pre-order via our online form.

I Love Brandon Specialty Tag graphic