EV Chargers in Downtown Brandon – Grand Opening

BRANDON MS – July 1, 2024 – You may have noticed the build out of two electric vehicle charging stations in Downtown Brandon over the past few weeks. There is a grand opening event scheduled for Tuesday July 2, 2024 at 9am. Representatives from the City of Brandon and Entergy, as well as many others, are expected to be in attendance.

The location of the EV Chargers is at 101 Poindexter St, Brandon MS 39042, as they’re located in the southwest corner of the Dining Street parking lot across the street from Mudbugs 042. The image below shows the location:

EV Charger Location in Downtown Brandon MS

The chargers are a product of Entergy, and recently went “live” several days ago, with B&B Utility and Electrical handling the setup. Each charging station will accommodate 2 vehicles, so up to 4 vehicles may use the location at the same time. They are 180 kW DC chargers, which are slightly faster than Tesla V2 SuperChargers (which are 150 kW). They also have CCS connectors. While all manufacturers have committed to transitioning to NACS, CCS is currently the standard being shipped with non-Tesla vehicles. Tesla vehicles may use these chargers, but only with a CCS adaptor for models that support the CCS standard.

While 2 vehicles may utilize the same EV Charger at this location, the vehicles will “split” the power of the charger. Thus, one vehicle at each charger will “charge up” faster than 2 vehicles at the same charger. The City of Brandon nor Rankin County subsidized or paid for the EV Chargers. EV owners may utilize the chargers by paying for the service at the time, or via a subscription model. While anyone may use the EV Chargers, locals who own an EV will likely use their own chargers at their respective homes. These EV Chargers in Downtown Brandon will be included on many EV maps, as well as Google, and used by those traveling through our area. This should bring EV travelers into Downtown, who may shop or eat at Downtown businesses.

EV Chargers at night in Downtown Brandon MS
Grand Opening for EV Chargers in Downtown Brandon MS