Harry Williams - Alderman Ward 3

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I’m proud to support Brandon Red Fridays and the Brandon Bulldogs. To show support, I’ll be doing a weekly drawing for a $25 Gift Card to a participating Brandon Red Fridays business. To enter the drawing, please comment on my weekly Brandon Red Fridays post on my alderman Facebook Page.

I have been a resident of Brandon for nearly 30 years and I am humble and grateful to have served the citizens of Ward 3 for the past 8 years. My wife, Tana, has been a teacher’s assistant at Rouse Elementary for the past 16 years working in kindergarten and 1st grade. We have five wonderful children, Whitney (William), Taylor (Duncan), Bailie (Taylor), Carter, Gracie and four grandchildren, Katie, Wyatt, Caleb and Laney Ann.


Weekly drawing for $25 Gift Card to local business. Click description for more info.

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