City of Brandon Officially Recognizes the Brandon Chamber at Recent Board Meeting

May 18th 2023, BRANDON MS – At the recent City of Brandon Board Meeting on Monday May 15th 2023, the City officially acknowledged Brandon Chamber as a Chamber of Commerce here in Brandon. Mayor Butch Lee read a proclamation into the record, which was then approved unanimously by the Board of Aldermen. 

Present at the Board Meeting were several Brandon Chamber Board Members, as well as many supporters. Brandon Chamber President, Lance Stevens, spoke briefly to the City Board and those in attendance, thanking them for their support.

“We want you all to know how much we appreciate you all, and how proud we are of this proclamation and how well worded it is. We will not disappoint. We will work with you and any constituancy group who will act with us for the betterment of the City. We are really, really looking forward to this charge, particularly now that it feels like we’re all in it together. That applies to all of you sitting down here (refering to City staff at the Board meeting) as well as the ones sitting up there (referring to City Aldermen). Thank you so very much”, said Stevens. 


Brandon Mayor Butch Lee presents Brandon Chamber President Lance Stevens wtih proclamation 


For a complete video of the City of Brandon’s proclamation at the recent Board Meeting, see the video below (video is just under 3 minutes long). 

 Brandon Chamber horizontal logo 

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