Brandon’s Sonic Car

October 2022 – BRANDON MS – Have you seen the Sonic car driving around the area? Kids love this car, and seem to point it out all over the place. The car is the work of Brandon’s Keith Hobson. We met with Keith recently, to find out more about him and his cool looking ride. Keith is a quiet fellow who just happens to love Sonic the Hedgehog… so much that he’s dedicated his Dodge Charger to everything Sonic. Over time, he’s “sonic-ed out” the interior and nearly every exterior panel… even the headlights and under the hood have references to Sonic. The hood exterior has the most detailed work, but the entire car is Sonic related.

Sonic Car Brandon MS

According to Keith, he gets asked about it quite often, typically by kids who want to see the car or take pics with it. The vehicle has also won several awards, from various shows. Keith has also made contact with other show trick out their rides, even a Knuckles Car (another character from Sonic the Hedgehog movies).

Keith and his Sonic Car will be doing a Trunk or Treat for kids this evening from 5p – 7p CT (weather permitting) in the parking lot next to Sonic Drive-In in Downtown Brandon. It’s expected that other cool vehicles may be there as well.

Sonic Car Trunk or Treat: Saturday Oct 29th 2022, 5p – 7p CT, next door to Sonic Drive-In (Brandon MS)
Sonic Car’s Instagram:
3-D Tour of Sonic Car: Sonic Car 3-D Tour & Pics

Sonic Car Trunk or Treat, Brandon MS
Saturday Oct 29th 2022, 5p - 7p CT.