Brandon Community Calendar is Here

April 9, 2024 – BRANDON MS – Brandon042 is happy to announce that the Brandon Community Calendar is here, and ready for viewing AND submissions. The calendar will have events listed which are important to the public, in and around Brandon.

CLICK HERE for the Brandon Community Calendar

We’ll try to include all Brandon Amphitheater concerts, concerts at City Hall Live, live music scheduled at Brandon restaurants and venues, Brandon High School football, City of Brandon events, as well as events from local organizations including the Brandon Chamber, Rankin County Chamber of Commerce, Brandon Main Street, Black Rose Theatre, and others. We’ll also include various events just outside of Brandon which may be of interest to those in Brandon, such as cool live music at Thalia Mara, Duling Hall, and other area venues.

The default view when using a desktop is a Monthly View, but it can be changed to a Day View, a Week View, or a List View. The List View is the default view when using a small device, such as a phone or tablet.

If you operate or manage a Brandon organization, church, non-profit, HOA, etc and you want to post an event on the Brandon Community Calendar, you can SUBMIT your events directly to the calendar.

CLICK HERE to create an account and submit events

NOTE: All submitted events are subject to review and approval. Please do not post regular events such as a weekly church service. We’re looking for special events occuring in our community. If you’re an HOA, you’re welcome to post your annual garage sale for the neighborhood. Sorry, but if you coach a local soccer team, we’re not able to post all those games. If you submit an event to the calendar, just please be sure to UPDATE that event if it is postponed or something changes with it. Brandon042® reserves the right to decline publishing of an event, in its sole discretion.