Brandon Commercial Property Listings – Now on Brandon042

January 25nd 2023 – BRANDON MS – To help encourage economic development in our area, Brandon042® is now hosting an up to date Commercial Property Listings section of the Brandon042® website. From the navigation bar on our site’s homepage, click on “Local”, then “Available Properties” in the drop-down, and it will point to the proper page. A screen-shot of the page is below. Clicking the screen-shot will take you directly to the page on our website.

There are various sites and databases that have a few commercial properties listed, but there doesn’t appear to be one single site that has them all, and will keep them updated. With the help of some management companies and brokers, we’ve put together a preliminary list of office space and commercial property here in the city of Brandon. Some of the properties are available for purchase, while others are available for lease.

While this is a FREE service, we encourage YOU to help… if you know of any property here in Brandon that is for sale or lease (NOT including residential), please let us know by filling out our online form, by CLICKING HERE. This may be available office space, a shared office suite, an office building, commercial lot, retail parcel, or restaurant parcel. All you have to do to get it listed is fill out the online form and send us the information. We also ask that you update us if/when the property is leased or sold, so we may update the listing.

ATTENTION REAL ESTATE AGENTS, BROKERS, MANAGEMENT COMPANIES, AND LEASING AGENTS: This is your chance to get your available commercial property out there. There’s already 20+ properties in our database and displayed on the website: Be sure to review the current listings. Do you see one of yours that needs to be updated? Just click on our ONLINE FORM and send us the update. If you have a listing already on your own company website, we’ll even link pics on our site to your own listing. We strive to get any udpate or new listing posted on the website within 2 business days. Just be sure to send us an update when it’s leased or sold. We can even mark a property as “PENDING” or “UNDER CONTRACT”, if desired.

BUSINESS OWNERS, ENTREPRENEURS, ETC: If you’re looking for office, restaurant, or retail space here in Brandon, our Commercial Property Listings page is for YOU. Check the page regularly, as it’ll be routinely updated.

Brandon042 Commercial Property Listings: CLICK HERE

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