Brandon Chamber announces Lemonade Day® for Brandon MS

July 9th 2023, BRANDON MS – The Brandon Chamber recently announced a large youth entrepreneurship project called Lemonade Day®. The Lemonade Day® program was started in Houston TX in 2007 and has since expanded to more than 100 cities nationwide, with over one million youth partipating over the years. Brandon will be only the 2nd active Lemonade Day® community in the state of Mississippi. Starkville MS also operates the Lemonade Day® program, and does so regionally as the Lemonade Day® Golden Triangle.

The goal of Lemonade Day® is to give all children the opportunity to learn to make money through their own business, so they can “spend a little, save a little, and share a little.” All profits created by the lemonade stands are the child’s to keep. Lemonade Day® isn’t just “a day”, as it’s a teaching and learning experience. The process teaches kids basic business fundamentals and vocabulary via workshops, as well as lessons in a mobile application or workbook. The process is a fun, relationship building event that culminates in the actual day or weekend for the official Lemonade Day®.

Brandon’s Lemonade Day® will be Saturday and Sunday August 12 & 13, 2023. You’ll be able to see a map online, which notates all the lemonade stands in the Brandon community. Brandon citizens are encouraged to show support for these entrepreneurs by visiting several stands, and buying delicious lemonade from area youth. The ages of children partipating varies, but are typically between the ages of 6 and 12. Nearly all the lemonade stands that weekend will be setup in front of small businesses. Participating kids even sign one-day leases with the businesses.

Brandon Chamber President, Mr. Lance Stevens, said “Our Chamber is excited to be able to bring Lemonade Day® to the community. We’re extremely thankful for the generous support of our sponsors, including Community Bank, who is also providing micro-loans to the kids, to give them a real world experience of running a business. With the lessons provided in the program, the involvement of the City with a kid-friendly permit process, and real business concepts, we’re looking forward to having a positive impact on youth in the area.”

If you have a child who is not registered for the program, it’s not too late to do so. Registration links and more are provided at the end of this article. According to Lemonade Day® City Director, Mr. Robert Graham, the response to the project here in Brandon has been enormous. “Nationally, the first year of Lemonade Day® in a city our size results in 20 or so lemonade stands for the event, with about 30 kids involved. In just over 2 weeks of registration, we have approximately 130 kids signed up, which may result in 50 or more lemonade stands all over our community for our Lemonade Day® weekend. That’s a testiment to the families we have in our community, and the desire of the kids to excel.”

Lemonade stand example, Brandon MS

The next workshop for Brandon’s Lemonade Day® is Monday July 10 2023 at 6pm, in the Brandon High School library. Other workshops are planned, including a Build a Stand workshop, a Recipe workshop, and even a free pizza party for the kids. If your child isn’t already registered for this wonderful, free program, just click the registration link below.


Lemonade Day Workshop on Introduction and Financial



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