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March 8th 2022, Brandon MS – Many folks and business groups talk about “shop local”, “support local”, etc. Now we have an actual Brandon MS Business Directory. Want to know what restaurants we have here inside the city limits of Brandon? Go to the directory and filter the results by “Restaurants”. Want to know what dry cleaners or auto repair we have inside the city of Brandon? Use the directory and filter or search for that as well. You can type in your address and then “Sort by: Distance” and it’ll show the listings according to distance from your location. The Directory may be sorted by Business Name as well.

We all know there are some things that you just have to go to a neighboring town or even online to buy. But please consider shopping local FIRST, and use the Brandon Business Directory to find what you need. You might be surprised at some of the businesses in there.

There’s currently 597 businesses in the directory, which are all inside the city of Brandon. Yep, we probably have missed a few, and might even have some in there that need to be removed due to closing, relocation, etc. But here’s the even better news… as a business owner, you can CLAIM your business listing in the Brandon Business Directory.

Be sure to CLAIM your Business Listing

If you own or manage a business in the Brandon Business Directory, please “CLAIM” the listing. Just click on your business’ listing, and then click the “CLAIM” button. From there, enter your contact information and who you are as it relates to the business (owner, partner, manager, etc), so we may verify the “CLAIM”. Once the claim is approved, you’ll be able to update your business information, add pictures, update website and social media information, and a proper description so your business will be better featured in the directory. Once your business is claimed and you add additional info to your listing, your business will be “FEATURED” in the directory for at least the next 90 days. “Featured” listings are shown first in the directory.

Is your business missing from the Brandon Business Directory, or do you see a business that should NOT be in the directory (closed, located elsewhere, etc)? Please send us a message via our Contact Us Form.

DISCLOSURE: There is NO cost for having a business listing in the Brandon Business Directory. Brandon042® is not responsible for errors in any listing.

Brandon Business Directory:

The Brandon Business Directory is on the Brandon042 website, under the “Directories” heading in the navigation bar, or just click the link above.

Need to tell us about a business that should be updated or removed: Please go to our Contact Us Form.