Board of Aldermen Deny Liquor Permit

August 17th 2022 – BRANDON MS – At the most recent City of Brandon Board of Aldermen meeting (Monday August 15th 2022), a public hearing was held regarding an application for a conditional use permit for Fine Wine & Spirits Inc to operate a liquor/package store at 1210 W Government Street (Parcel #I8M-17). The location is at the intersection of W Government St and Value Road, where a vape store currently operates. The location is adjacent to the Rankin County School District’s (RCSD) main building, at 1220 Apple Park Place.

Attorney Rusty Rester, on behalf of RCSD, spoke in opposition of the proposed application. Mr Rester contended that the location is less than 100 feet from the RCSD main office, which hosts classes and training. Tracy Riggins, Secretary/Treasurer of Fine Wine & Spirits Inc, spoke in favor of the proposed application. Bill Stevens also spoke in favor of the proposed application, on behalf of the business. After the public hearing portion of the process was completed, Mayor Butch Lee asked the Board to render their decision, by asking if there was a motion to deny the application. The Board denied the application unanimously, 6-0. The decision was made due to information provided in the staff report and the matters presented at the public hearing.

Such Board Meetings are live-streamed and archived at the City’s YouTube Channel. Should you desire to watch this specific matter being discussed and voted upon, click the link below and fast-forward to 45:42 in the recording (45 minutes, 42 seconds into the recording). The actual vote on the application is at the 1:29:48 mark (1 hour, 29 mins, 48 secs into the recording).


The next City of Brandon Board Meeting will likely be held on Monday August 29th 2022.