Barnett Reservoir Water Depth Alert

Reservoir to Drop Water Level by approx. 2.5 FEET To 295.0 Water Level

At the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District (PRVWSD) Board meeting, Thursday November 21st 2019, the planned recommendation to drop the water level to 293.3 was modified to a 295.0 level. Please visit the PRVSWD Facebook Page for the most current information.

WHAT will happen: The water level will be drawn down to a level of 295 feet. This is a TWO FOOT drop from the normal summer pool. To compare, the last significant drought induced low water level (2015 & 2016) was 295 feet. This draw down will be equal to that. This will likely still affect many area boat ramps. The water level as of 12/05/2019 is 297.49, so this may actually be a 2.5 feet drop in water level.

WHEN will this happen: The draw down will begin Friday, December 13th 2019. It will take approximately two weeks to reach the desired target. The water level will be raised to normal pool beginning March 1st 2020.

WHO this may affect: This may affect any boat tied up at a dock on the reservoir, as well as many boat ramps. If you own a boat in a wet slip, you should be prepared to alter dock line frequently during the draw down AND raising of the water level in Feb/Mar 2020. Otherwise dock lines may snap, cleats may pull out, or a boat may get caught under a pier. You may also want to trim your outboard motor/sterndrive “up”.

If you choose to operate a boat on the reservoir after the draw down, be extremely cautious and navigate in deeper waters only.

You can also add this link to your phone, to check the reservoir water level:

Enjoy the Reservoir, and be safe!

CLICK HERE to download the official PRVSWD Press Release