Alderman Ward Six

Alderman Ward Six

Alderman Ward 6, Tahya Dobbs

Tahya Dobbs
Incumbent, Alderman Ward 6
Party: Republican

Personal Information:
After working for the City of Brandon for four years as the mayor’s assistant, Tahya embarked upon a business venture in October 2013—a new publishing company called Hometown Publishing, publisher of the Hometown magazines franchise which began with Hometown Brandon Magazine. Now, with an annual output of over 25 magazines a year including Hometown Rankin, Hometown Madison, Hometown Clinton, along with newcomer guidebooks for surrounding cities and directories for various chambers of commerce, Tahya’s place has been firmly planted in the media community as an industry leader.
In 2017, Tahya and her husband purchased and renovated a vacant 7,000 square foot bank building in downtown Brandon to create Brandon’s newest events location, The Vault Venue, which opened that June. The Vault has hosted many of the area’s premier events including weddings, anniversary parties, expos and business gatherings.

Tahya’s experience within the political sector along with her ambition to help people in her community inspired her to run and be elected as alderman for Ward 6 of the city of Brandon in 2015—a position she still holds.
Tahya has been married to Kevin Dobbs for 31 years and they have three children and two grandchildren: Camea Dobbs McDaniel (Justin) and daughter Millie, Carson Dobbs (Savannah) and son Shepherd, and CandyLee Dobbs. Brandon has been home to the Dobbs family for 17 years.

Public Message:
When I worked for the city of Brandon from 2009-2013, I knew I had found my place! I loved meeting people who live in our hometown, watching our different departments operate daily (sometimes 24/7), meeting and planning with business owners, and creating events for our city to host.

That led me to a stronger desire to serve our community. Having served as Ward 6 alderman since 2015, I’ve met even more of our neighbors throughout our city. We are a tight-knit community who continues to see a lot of growth. I’m proud to be part of it.

I bring a lot of energy, creativity, and the dedication to see our hometown grow and prosper. I also bring experience, having worked for the city in the office of the mayor. I’ve been a business owner since leaving the mayor’s office—which gives me a unique perspective of both the city government and the needs of local businesses.

I’ve worked with every level of government in the city of Brandon and I am anxious to continue working to meet the needs of all the citizens of Ward 6 to make Brandon the hometown we all love. I’d be honored to have your vote on April 6th.

Candidate, Alderman Ward 6

Party: Republican
Address: 1490 W Government St, #7-286, Brandon MS 39042
Ph: 601-624-1240

Personal Information:
My wife, three kids and I have lived in and loved Brandon for 37 years. I am a construction manager, and licensed contractor, for S&S Builders of MS. My wife, Amy, is a real estate agent based in Brandon.

I reside in Cornerstone, but, because of my building experience described later, I have been closely involved in the construction, infrastructure, and neighborhood dynamics of residential areas all through my hometown.
I am the former building inspector for the City of Brandon. I have been very involved in youth sports for years, coached a couple of national champion softball teams. I am a lifelong Republican, a fiscal conservative and a Christian. I am an avid hunter and 2nd Amendment supporter.

Public Message:
The driving forces behind recruiting successful businesses and quality residential growth are low taxes, low crime and superior infrastructure. As many know, I am on the management side of the construction industry and I have supervised hundreds of building projects in the area. Staying within a budget is second nature to my work. I believe our city’s unprecedented growth will give rise to the need for my expertise and fiscal conservatism at the Board level. Replacing pipes, building water towers, reviewing residential development plans and adopting new city ordinances to ensure quality utility service, transportation needs, and beautification will continue to be paramount. I, most literally, want to help Brandon build a better future.

My experience as a former building inspector in Brandon is similarly helpful. My long history of activism in youth sports also gives me vivid insights into how wonderful our emphasis on parks has been, and how we can work to improve it to the City’s financial benefit.

Even with great leadership, it is important for your Alderman to be a sounding board, a pro-active voice, and ask the right questions, not merely a rubber stamp. What can be done about our water and sewer issues? How can we save money on the construction of the next large project? Can we finance or cash flow a project in a manner that minimizes the tax burden on our residents?

My support for police and fire personnel will be unmatched. I’ve hosted many first responders at my house for years. I feel quite certain that those fine men and women will see me as a trusted advocate.

I am just a regular guy, but I promise I will not be just a regular Alderman.

I also commit to my ward that I will seek their input and not just at election time. I’ll share the Board’s agenda as soon as allowed and ask for ideas or criticisms both publicly and privately. After all, aren’t 2,000-3,000 heads better than one? I will be the one that promotes Brandon, not myself, and makes Brandon the best place to live and work in the state of Mississippi.