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Alderman at Large Candidates

Alderman At-Large Candidate, Eric Fox

Eric Fox
Candidate, Alderman At-Large
Website: www.EricFoxForBrandon.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EricFoxforBrandon
Email: Info@EricFoxForBrandon.com
Ph: 601-278-0886

Candidate Bio:

Age: 39

Small Business Owner (Sno Biz Treat Shop)

Graduate of MS Law Enforcement Officers Training Academy
Married to the former Ola Estelle Edwards for 22 years

Eric and Ola have two children, Amelia (20) and Devin (12)


Despite these life changing events over the last 12 months and even when the challenges seemed to be overwhelming, the spirit of the American shined bright. On our lowest days, we found hope in the journey and encouraged one another that each day was a day closer to a better day. After all, many of us have those that depend on us each day, like those precious children that Heaven blessed us with. For those who have children we each know, we would battle to the moon and back for them. If you are like Ola and I, from the moment our first child, Amelia, was born we began living our life in preparation for her future. Eight years later, our son, Devin, was born and the same was true with him, our decisions as parents would affect the two of them in some fashion. The older Ola and I become the more we can see it clearly, to create a better future we must understand our decisions are the first stop on the route of life. Our actions today will create the path for tomorrow. We will celebrate our marriage of 22 years this year, a daughter who has turned 20, and our son who is the big 12. Investing in our children is about all we leave for the world; I would call it our gift to our future. As a parent, what we leave behind for them is not the legacy, it is what we put in front of them as they prepare to raise their own family.

Let us give them our very best, I think we can all agree on the subject of “Better”. Where it is fuzzy, and where we may part ways is how we get to “Better”. That is why I have announced my candidacy for Alderman at Large. We have a long road ahead of us Brandon, from our water rates to a mountain of debt and a crumbling infrastructure, it is time we focus on what our children will inherit from our decisions today. Our city taxes have increased 10 mills in less than 8 years, our water rates increased 150% over the last 4 years. I must say if we continue in this direction, our future will inherit nothing more than a loss. Over the next few weeks, we have decisions to make, let’s elect a republican to our board of alderman on April 6th. We need your support, your prayers, and your encouragement.

Vote Eric Fox and let’s “Be Better than Yesterday”.

Alderman At-Large Candidate, Mike Mann

Mike Mann
Candidate, Alderman At-Large
Party: Republican
Email: mannmichael@bellsouth.net

Public Message:
Dear Citizens of Brandon, I, Michael “Mike” Mann, hereby announce publicly my bid to seek election for the position of Alderman at Large for the City of Brandon.

I have been a resident of this city since 1966. Here, I live with my wife, Sherri. We have three children and two grandchildren. I have been employed with Leonard Metal Fabricators where I began as an apprentice in 1984. During this time, I have worked in every aspect of the company and I now serve in the capacity of President of the business. Growing through the company has taught me many skills that will assist me in the role of Alderman at Large. Skills that include, but are not limited to: the responsibilities of overseeing large commercial projects; setting, managing, and maintaining project budgets; and working with and managing diverse people, groups, and companies.

In addition, for the past six years I have been actively involved in both city board and town hall meetings where I have witnessed the issues that have arisen, and I firmly believe I am qualified to address these issues. Hence, I vow to use my abilities to benefit the whole city of Brandon. I will dedicate myself to being watchful and vocal of how the taxpayers’ dollars are being spent because I aspire to keep our city moving forward all while supporting every citizen in every capacity.

I want to be the alderman that you can trust to hear and act upon your concerns. I humbly ask for your prayers and support as I, Mike Mann, pursue the position of Alderman at Large for the City of Brandon. Please follow me on Facebook at Mike Mann Alderman at Large.

Alderman At-Large Candidate, Sharon Womack

Sharon Womack
Candidate, Alderman At-Large
Website: www.womackforalderman.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/womackforalderman/
Email: womackforalderman@gmail.com
Ph: 601-624-3603


I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Mississippi State University. My husband, Scott and I are active in the community and proud to call Brandon our home. Together, we have 4 children, 2 granddaughters and another grandchild on the way.

I am currently employed as an Investigator with the Mississippi Insurance Department. In this role, I investigate financial fraud, collect and present evidence to our legal staff for use in administrative hearings and to law enforcement agencies for use in prosecuting criminal activities. Prior to working with the Mississippi Insurance Department, I was employed with the Mississippi Department of Human Services. In this role I was the Director of the Rankin County Office and was promoted to Division Director in the State Office. In these roles, I managed numerous employees, directed personnel issues, human resource duties and daily work flow.

While in leadership positions within the community over the past several years, financial responsibilities of budgets and the oversight of programs have been a vital part of the positions I have held. Just a few of these include:

  • President – Rankin County Republican Women
  • President – Rankin County Republican Club
  • District Director – 3rd Congressional District for the MS Federation of Republican Women
  • Past Board member – Rankin First Economic Development
  • Graduate of Leadership Rankin with the Rankin County Chamber
  • Past President – Junior Auxiliary of Rankin County
  • Past member – Rankin County Republican Executive Committee
  • Past President – Greater Jackson Area Law Enforcement Officers Association

My husband and I own a successful small business – Womack Firearms Training-Thunder Valley Shooting Center. I am a certified Instructor with the United States Concealed Carry Association, the National Rifle Association and a Mississippi Enhanced Concealed Carry Endorsement Instructor. I am certified in ALERRT – Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training as well as Investigative Training and several certifications in Emergency Management.

Public Message:

We have so much to be proud of in our city – excellent schools, amazing police and fire departments and outstanding citizens who care about our city.  Economic development and the safety of our citizens is the key to any growing community.  In order to reach our full potential, we need to provide opportunities for a productive workforce to live and provide for their families.

My goals for the city of Brandon:

  • Increase economic development – attract new businesses as well as increased opportunities for existing businesses
  • Opportunities for growth in jobs/workforce – attract new business to create jobs and revenue
  • Entrust and provide resources for our police and fire departments
  • Consistent communication – provide timely and accurate updates to our citizens
  • Accessibility – be available in person or by phone
We would appreciate your like today.