2020 Census Numbers for Our Area

Brandon MS – 2020 Census data has recently been released. While our state did see a decline in population, the Census data revealed that our state will not be losing a seat in the House. Mississippi’s population experienced a slight dip, and is one of only 3 states in the country to do so (Illinois and West Virginia). Mississippi lost 6,018 residents, for a 0.2% drop from 2010. Our state’s population also diversified a bit.

Mississippi lost about 95,791 White residents during the decade, while it lost 13,904 Black residents. White residents make up 56% of Mississippi’s population (down from 59.1%), and Black residents are 36.6% (down from 37%).

Hispanic residents are about 3.6% of the state’s population (up from 2.7%), and Asian residents are about 1.1% (up from 0.9%). Residents who identify themselves as being of two or more races are about 3.7% of Mississippi’s population (up from 1.1%).

Locally, the City of Brandon gained 3,433 residents, for a 15.82% increase over 2010. Rankin County experienced an increase of 15,415 residents for a 10.89% increase. Neighboring cities of Pearl and Flowood saw increases of 2,023 and 2,379, respectively.

NOTE: 2020 Census stats retrieved from Clarion-Ledger, and other sources.

Various Cities and Counties here in Mississippi: